Great Victoria Desert trip - Easter 2013
Easter saw myself on a quick trip on the Anne Beadell Highway to Ilkurkla in the Great Victoria Desert near the S.A. border to photograph Eucalyptus alatissima. I had the road to myself with good time for photographing our fantastic desert eucalypts. — Malcolm French

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Eucalyptus youngiana Connie Sue Highway Eucalyptus youngiana buds Eucalyptus youngiana flower Eucalyptus youngiana fruits Eucalyptus youngiana fruits
Eucalyptus websteriana subsp websteriana Morton Craig Range Eucalyptus websteriana subsp websteriana fruit Eucalyptus alatissima fruit Eucalyptus alatissima fruit Eucalyptus concinna flowers
Eucalyptus effusa Morton Craig Range Eucalyptus effusa flowers Eucalyptus glomerosa Anne Beadell Highway Eucalyptus glomerosa bark Eucalyptus glomerosa fruit
Eucalyptus gongylocarpa Anne Beadell Highway Eucalyptus gongylocarpa fruit      

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