Text & Photography by Malcolm French.

Back in the year 2000, Malcolm considered he should do more to assist those in doing the many revegetation projects underway across the wheatbelt particularly with their eucalypt identifications and plant selection for the many various soil types. Malcolm was also keen to share his knowledge of the eucalypts of the wheatbelt, particularly to those that enjoy the walks through the many woodlands of the wheatbelt. These walks are always joyful and if this book may enhance everyone's knowledge and pleasure in same, then fantastic.

Malcolm first started his interest in eucalypts in the 1980's when he realised that individual species enjoyed specific habitats which was important to relate to from a farm-soil assessment point of view. As this interest grew it was not long before there was cultivation of eucalypts underway at his family's small farm and then the desire to learn more and so the study of eucalypts became a serious passion. "The eucalypts of the Mudgee district" (NSW) was the first book printed in 1994 with Malcolm as co-author with long time colleague and friend Dean Nicolle, followed by Malcolm's own book published in 1997 "The Special Eucalypts of Perth and the South West".

Malcolm has been a volunteer with the Department of the Environment and Conservation (D.E.C) for many years, primarily during spare time identifying eucalypt specimens and granting advice for the Western Australian Herbarium. In 2008 Malcolm was granted Research Associate status by the Science Division of D.E.C for significant research and valuable work in the taxonomy of eucalypts.

"The study of eucalypts is amazing, plant evolution is fascinating, it is never ending, always changing, forever learning. Enjoy."

                                                              - Malcolm French.