A selection of eucalypts considered ideal for planting as ornamentals across the wheatbelt

My selection of eucalypt species is to enhance the aesthetic appeal to towns, farms and roadsides of the wheatbelt region, and also importantly assist in the preservation of the farm asset across the wheatbelt.

Assessed on ornamental appeal for small gardens, parks, street avenues, road-sides, farm entrances, farm yards and gardens.

The selection comprises plants that will compliment each other by contrasting leaf and flower colour and ensures there are species flowering year round. You may see birds not seen for many years.

A small addition of the below listed eucalypts to your farm can make a big difference to your farm asset.

The below are all of mallee habit and when cut off at ground level or destroyed by fire or other crown-destructive events, these plants will mostly regenerate densely & flower within about three years.

Ideal to be planted in clumps. Height size from 1.5 to 8 metres, depending on environmental conditions.

Naturally occurring WA wheatbelt eucalypts

Eucalyptus armillata flanged mallee
E. beardiana Beard’s mallee
E. caesia caesia, silver princess
E. calycogona subsp. miracula marvel mallee
E. crucis subsp. crucis Southern Cross silver mallee
E. cylindriflora goldfields white mallee
E. cylindrocarpa woodline mallee
E. deflexa pendant mallee, Lake King mallee
E. drummondii Drummond’s mallee
E. erythronema subsp. erythronema red-flowered mallee
E. grossa coarse-leaved mallee, windbreak mallee
E. leptopoda subsp. leptopoda Merredin mallee
E. loxophleba subsp. lissophloia smooth-barked York gum
E. orbifolia round-leaved mallee
E. macrocarpa mottlecah
E. macrandra long-flowered marlock, river yate
E. neutra Newdegate mallee
E. orthostemon diverse mallee
E. pleurocarpa blue mallee, tallerack
E. pachyloma Kalgan Plains mallee
E. rhodantha rose mallee, Scott’s mallee
E. stowardii fluted-horn mallee
E. synandra Jingymia mallee, skirt mallee
E. tenera glazed mallee
E. sp. Sullivan Soak moon lagoon mallee

All species listed above are fully described with images in Malcolm's book, Eucalypts of Western Australia’s Wheatbelt.

The following mallee species from mostly drier areas of WA and SA are highly recommended to mix with the above species, providing strong contrasts to leaf and flower colour.

E. alatissima wing-fruited mallee Great Victoria Desert, SA and WA
E. educta Paynes Find and Goldfields, WA
E. kruseana book-leaf mallee Goldfields, WA
E. lansdowneana crimson mallee, red-flowered mallee box SA
E. pimpiniana pimpin mallee Great Victoria Desert, SA and WA
E. planipes shiny-leaved mallee Goldfields, WA
E. platydisca jimberlanica mallee Goldfields, WA
E. rosacea Great Victoria Desert, WA
E. tetraptera square-fruited mallee southern subcoastal WA
E. wyolensis Wyola mallee SA
E. websteriana Webster's mallee Goldfields, WA







Eucalypts of Western Australia